Letopapower PW48100D 48V 100Ah 5KWh LIFEPO4 BATTERY


Model: W48200B-IP65
Related Voltage(V): 51.2V
Related Capacity(Ah): 200Ah
Supply Ability: 5000 Pieces per mounth
MOQ(Minimum order Quantity): 70
Approx Dimension(mm): 710*480*210mm
Weight(kg): 93kg
Custom Service: Quick response to questions;Flexible Customer Protection Agreement;Planned production based on customer forecasts.


Letopa Power assists you throughout the project: different IP level, capacity and voltage models are available.

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———Product Description———

Strong R&D Strength

BMS custom development, battery pack customization of battery supplier.

Enterprise Vision

Become a world-class leader in new energy ecology as the core.

Professional Service

Experienced business team to help and advise clients worldwide.

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive testing and verifcation 100 items of material testing and analvsis capabilitysystem standard system,coveringR&D, production and manufacturing fields.

Multiple Certifications

Our battery and battery systems have been certifcated by UL1973,UL9540,IEC62619,CE and RoHS.

Safety and Reliability

Based on material safety,electrical safety and system safety as product research and development, ensure the safety and reliability of the whole life cycle.

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