1.Will the home energy storage battery work with all inverters?

Letopa power has basically adjusted the mainstream inverters on the market. If you need something special, please provide the protocol for us to debug.

2.Why is your high voltage battery different from the market?

 The point is on the BMS design.Our high voltage BMS is a reference car level BMS, which is made through high integration. For easier installation,it pays attention to the efficiency of the entire system and the overall cost of the battery. With this design,our high voltage battery will not increase the voltage with the battery connection in series, but remain the best working voltage in parallel.

3.How does your BMS work basically?

Our company made Smart BMS and Standard BMS look after the battery by monitoring the internal Voltage, Current, Temperature and Cell characteristics.  The BMS will protect the battery by turning it off if it gets too hot, the volts go too high or low, or if the current goes too high.  It will turn the battery back on when the Voltage, Current or Temperature issue normalises.  The BMS also performs a cell balancing process that extends the life of the battery.  Above application are our BMS basic functions. Others such as remote monitoring, remote maintenance, are very special in this market.

4.Can your company’s All in One Expand capacity?

Yes, not only the battery capacity can be expanded, but the inverter can also expand power.


1.Can your batteries be installed outside?

Our batteries are designed indoors and outdoor, respectively, and need to be determined according to the IP level. For example, the IP20 needs to be placed indoors, and the IP65 can be placed outdoors, but it needs to be blocked. IP67 can prevent corrosion and high fog.

2.Can your all -in -one machine be charged to the EV car?

 Not all all -in -one ESS can charge electric vehicles. Some of our models can be charged with electric vehicles. And in this area, we will develop more front -end solutions. If necessary, please contact us.


1.What is the safety performance of your battery?

Safety performance is the first place we put in design. First of all, our home storage products are used safe lithium chemistry called LiFePO4 also known as LFP or Lithium Ferro-phosphate.  It does not suffer from thermal runaway at low temperatures like cobalt base lithiums do.  Cobalt can be found in lithiums like NMC – Nickel Manganese Cobalt (LiNiMnCoO2) and NCA – Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminium Oxide (LiNiCoAIO2). Secondly, we are also developing safer sodium ion batteries. At the same time, Tesla's cylindrical cell 4850 we are also developing and introduced. Provide our customers the safest solution.


1.How long is the delivery period of your factory?

It needs to be determined according to the amount of goods. If there is Forecast, we can prepare and plan to produce earlier. If not, it usually takes 45 days. Please contact us to learn more.

2.Do you have MOQ?

There is no MOQ restriction in the preliminary test phase. After the test is passed, we will evaluate according to the markets of different countries. Generally, a 20 -foot container is required.

3.How to become your agent and a preferential policy for your agent?

We will provide professional technical guidance, preferential prices and priority arrangements for production. And we will guide the local customers to purchase from you directly.

4.How much is the production capacity of your factory?

We currently produce 3MHW a day, and the factory also has the remaining mass production capacity, and it is also under expansion.

5.What should we do if we buy your batteryand fail?

First of all, we have strictly controlled the battery in terms of production control and logical protection, and control the chance of failure to be less than one thousandth of thousands of tenths, and the chance of failure is very small. But in case of failure, we don't need to test the battery bringing back to our factory or office, and we don't need to wait for a long time. Just need to connect to the WiFi module and connect to the network, we can find the cause from the background to solve the problem quickly.