Letopapower Product Launch:Powestack-The combination of powerhouse and artwork

Letopapower Product Launch:Powestack-The combination of powerhouse and artwork

Shenzhen Letopapower  Technology Co., Ltd (referred to as: Letopapower) held a new product launch at the service center of Hong Kong and Macao Youth Base in Huizhou, launching its self-developed and manufactured stacked home energy storage batteries.

The new products launch are powerstack series.The series products are available in both high voltage and low voltage options. The low-voltage model has a rated voltage of 51.2V, a battery capacity of 100Ah, and a rated energy of 5KWh; the high-voltage model has a rated voltage of 256V, a battery capacity of 20Ah, and a rated energy of 5KWh, and the energy of a single energy storage battery can be used by an average family for one day.

During the meeting, Mr. Yi Xuewu, chief product design engineer of Letopapower, introduced the product in detail from several dimensions.

The PowerStack series choose aluminum profile shell is lighter and more corrosion resistant, which can be used in some extreme environments; support unlimited stacking, you can choose the right number of batteries for parallel connection according to the needs of the family, without limiting the number of stacking; provide roller options, easy to move; application scenarios and installation Diversified application scenarios and installation methods, both stackable and wall-mountable, to minimize the occupancy of indoor living space.

Use the power of the PowerStack to boil water and make coffee.

At the new product launch, Letopapower showcased its strong R&D capabilities with a talented R&D team that has over 15 years of experience working for leading battery companies. As a highly innovative company with an excellent R&D team, Letopapower always believes that innovation drives the future to serve the world better. Nowadays, mature products of Letopapower have been approved by many clients which exported to Europe,America,South Africa and other countries.

In the future, renewable energy will dominate the power market, while photovoltaic power supply will be unstable due to weather and other factors, which also leads to photovoltaic wind energy is inseparable from energy storage, the value of energy storage and demand will continue to increase in the future. In the market trend of energy storage, Letopapower will continue to shake the spirit of concerted efforts to work together, rain or shine to move forward, solid and steady to explore the industry's more peak.

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